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SCTA and Be Pro Be Proud SC Honor an Extraordinary Servant Leader

A heartfelt message from J. Richards Todd, SCTA President & CEO, on behalf of the entire SCTA and Be Pro Be Proud Community:

“SCTA has been very fortunate to have had Richard Bogan, Senior Vice President, Southeastern Freight Lines, as a standout, cornerstone leader for the past decade. His legacy of effort will extend well beyond that. Richard enthusiastically gave unfettered time, access, engagement, invaluable coaching and advice. Association leaders crave and thrive on that.
"He joined the SCTA Board of Directors in 2012, served as chairman in 2019, and chaired the board of the Associated Industries of SC Foundation in the years since. Richard and Southeastern (including recently-retired “Technical Advisor” Lee Long) provided SCTA and its AISCF and five-organization Steering Committee the confidence, assurance, and resources to forge ahead and pursue the Be Pro Be Proud workforce initiative.
 "He grew to understand and appreciate the critical role SCTA and its members must play in matters of public policy advocacy and political engagement. A true servant leader, Richard has been a much relied-upon and valued ally, advocate, and friend.
 "We wish Richard and Judy all the best in this next life-phase, and we invite them to continue to visit and engage with us.
 "Richard, thank you for extraordinary service to and support of SCTA and the 'trucking industry.' By extension we thank Tobin Cassels, the epitome of the servant leader, for sharing and empowering Richard as well."