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The Be Pro Be Proud SC Mobile Workshop has just completed its second full year of tour stops, a feat made all the more impressive considering it began its mission in the midst of the COVID crisis.

But the BPBPSC Mobile Workshop was not the only creative effort geared toward SC children to come out of the pandemic. Shawn Goins, a youth pastor at The Refuge in Murrells Inlet, SC, saw a need and worked to fill it by creating an alter-ego, Handyman Hal. His church needed videos to send out on behalf of the children's ministry during the time when they could not meet in person; he was working in home construction and as a handyman at the time, in addition to his pastoral duties, and felt that he could use his experiences to teach a few Sunday School lessons through video. It has since blossomed into a website with more than 150 videos and more than 59,000 subscribers on his YouTube channel. Shawn and his team reached out to the Be Pro Be Proud SC staff to request permission to feature the Mobile Workshop in one of their videos while it stopped in the Charleston area; he focused on the simulators for Commercial Truck Driving, Forklift, and Heavy Equipment. While the videos are marketed to children in preschool, he is making the Skilled Trades cool and providing information to their parents at the same time. Thank you, Handyman Hal!

Watch the video HERE.

Handyman Hal tries his hand at the Excavator Simulator.

Posing Proudly with the Mobile Workshop!