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Students at the Governors School for Agriculture at John de la Howe were visited by the Be Pro Be Proud SC Mobile Workshop on Tuesday, September 13, 2022. Principal Greg Thompson showcased this visit in the YouTube video, expressing his excitement to show his students the opportunities that are available to them in the Skilled Professions.

After spending the day in the role of MVP Ambassador and providing assistance to his classmates with several of the simulators on board the Mobile Workshop, senior Ryan Joseph remarked,  "This is one of the most incredible things I've seen. The only other thing I've seen that is like this, the U.S. military had."

Fellow MVP Ambassador Elsa DeRosa commented, "I think it's a really good experience that we have had here today. I've definitely learned a lot, and I think a lot of other students have, too."

"We want to show students that these careers are options for them, too," said Tour Operator Justin Dull. "There are scholarships and apprenticeships out there, and they could potentially go to school for free, no student debt. After just a year or two of school, they could be making $25, $30 an hour at 19, 20 years old."

 The 53-foot Be Pro Be Proud Mobile Workshop, scheduled to visit sites around South Carolina throughout the school year, offers students hands-on experience with high-tech simulators to explore 15 skilled professions, 14 different training programs and good-paying career opportunities with nearly 60 employers.

Watch the video here: